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Thursday, October 07, 2004
New feature requests
WordToys users are greedy people. You give them a few dozens of nifty utilities, and all they want is more :-). Recent feature requests include the following:
* Why not have multiple backup destinations for the Double Save application? Some users (especially the ones that work on a portable) would like to create backups on a CD-ROM when they're at home, and backups to a network destination when they're at work. That looks like a reasonable request. I'll see how to implement that in a future release.
* Is it possible to create Aliases for the Switch Identity tool? Currently, you can only create a new identity by changing the user name. I've had requests to make it possible to create nicknames, allowing you to use the same user name, but with different addresses, e.g. a home and a work adress. The Switch Identity menu should then display the nick name in stead of the user name, e.g. "John (work)" and "John (home)". This may be a bit more complicated to implement, but it's worth a try.
Stay tuned to this blog to find out if and when these new features become reality. And in the meantime: keep your suggestions coming!
yes backing up to 2 loacations is vbery handy - you could then put all worked on files while with notebook in handy folder that can very quic kly be updated to your desktop when u get home & a scrtipt made to delete the 2nd backups when thay have been transfere - as soon as the ntoebook hits the network the new or changed files are on the desktop - i run a office type network not a server network - i'm flat out remembering what to do half the time anyway :)
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