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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
New release: version 1.0.9
Today I released a new version. It's more than a bug fix, though.
I've improved the Document Recall feature, by adding the option to display your recent Word documents in either alphabetical or chronological order. And, as before, the list doesn't stop at the four to nine recent documents you can retrieve from Word's File menu. Document Recall picks up all your recently used documents, even if some of them haven't been opened for months!
I also added a new feature that will please users of Word 2000. If you're using that Word version you've probably joined the millions of people who are extremely annoyed with the fact that Word puts a separate icon on the taskbar for every document you open. Even Microsoft realized that this was silly, so they changed it back with Word XP and 2003. That's hardly useful if you're stuck with Word 2000, though. WordToys Professional comes to the rescue. Now you have the same option as in later versions of Word: either have all icons on the taskbar, or just one for the active document.OK, you'll have to upgrade to the Professional Edition to take advantage of these new features. It's up to you if that's worth $20.

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