The WordToys Playground
Wednesday, October 06, 2004
Welcome to the WordToys Playground!
WordToys has been around for hardly more than a month, but my web counters have already recorded more than twenty thousand downloads. If all those people are still using the software there must now be a huge WordToys community. To all those people I want to extend my sincere gratitude: I never expected this incredible success.OK, I admit: there have been some serious bugs in the early versions. But thanks to your heads-up and feedback I have gradually been able to iron the problems out, and improve the package substantially. Just tune in to this blog to find out what’s going on in the Playground! And don’t hesitate to add comments to this blog. I’m all ears!

Although you have become critical of Microsoft it is thanks to Microsoft's "Nieuwsbrief voor Ondernemers" that I came to know your product.
I just started to familiarize myself with WordToys, and think it is quite an enrichtment to MS Word.
What a shame that Microsoft did not fully appreciate your creativity and ideas.

How is it possible that Microsoft can legally hijack and claim such a common word as Word!?
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