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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
Word: those pesky special characters
Everybody loves to hate the Word Insert Symbol dialog box. The good thing is that it lets you find any character that's available in the font of your choice. The bad things is that it takes the patience of a monk to find them. WordToys users appear to be raving about the fact that you can use the F10 key to insert accented versions of any character that you type. For those who upgrade to the Professional Edition, the F10 key offers even a lot more. Rather than typing an unaccented character to get a menu of alternative diacritics, you can also type any of the following characters.

$ Currency symbols
# Mathematical symbols (shown above)
. Punctuation marks
/ Fractions
= Arrows
* Dingbats
& Shapes
% Miscellaneous characters

If you then press F10 you get a menu of all characters that fall in the associated category. There's a fair chance that you'll never use Word's Symbol dialog box again.
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